Sunday, April 4, 2010

What makes you happy?

I really love this question. For me, the top 3 that makes me happy are:
1. My family – Even though we have some arguments in terms of some confidential things, we were together to face all these challenges. Some of my closest friends knows about it such as Sheryl, Venus, Carolyn and Arsenith.
2. You know who you are (My By) – You are always support me, you are always there for me and you are always cry with me every time I feel uncomfortable with the day. It means, you feel what I feel.
3. My friends – Thanks for always there for me. To all the supports, to all the heartaches, to all the failures and to all the challenges that comes to my life.

In other words, the people that always there for me :)

You? What makes you happy?


venussmileygal said...

hehehe... apil diay ko?! Bitaw okay lang yan just always wear that smiling face and friendly aura, there always be more people who will make you happy everyday.
Who makes me happy? You ofcourse u never fail to do that everytime were together... ;)

P.S. Butang pud si "Bhe" oi bisan kanan lang u butang instead of "You know who you are". hehehehe

Janlac said...

hahaha, aw sowee... gibutangan na nako. hekhek

Thanks for always there for me and to all the support. Kahit minsan natatakot ka sa akin.. (mag panic kung mag storya ko, wonder ko why.. hehehe) Love you Ven :)

MishaZen said...

It's nice to list people that makes us happy and so we can call them in our darkest days(lolz) or remember the times we are together that cheer us up or simply reminisce the time we are having fun.. hehheeh and its nice to know that I am one of those...zEn

shezz said...

tsarrrr... hehehehe what can I say? My name's included in here ehehehehee... thanks Bajang, I'm really glad and I never thought I am one of the people that made you happy. Well then, I just wanted to say that you know life is like a roller coaster, when you feel dizzy after you rode on it you can always find someone to cling on and that's what you called your friends of course I am one of them lol. But what I can suggest after naming our names there, perhaps you can also include God, you know he's the best person you can lean on whatever circumstances you will have to cross in life. Bajang life is too short, make the most of it love you Bajang=)

venussmileygal said...

You are always welcome dear! Ayaw sad ipangka na hadlok ko nimo Jang... hehehe love you too! :* (hugs)

Janlac said...

aw wala man ti. hehehe... love too sab... (hugs and kisses)

Thanks for the wonderful comment guys :) I really appreciate it.

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